I first joined Spotify in 2011 as a brand ambassador to recruit at my university. Boy, was it a small and fun company back then!

From 2011-2014 I worked as a part-time employee (anyone remember Spotify apps?), university brand representative/recruiter/event organizer, and finally wrote my master thesis on designing developer sites there.

In 2017 I came back to work on the Growth Operations team for half a year as a consultant. At the time the team was working with finalizing the design and build of the Spotify Freemium app. It was a new standalone free experience instead of the same as Premium but with features hidden behind pay walls. I mainly  worked on the user onboarding experience, and a migration experience for existing non-paying users. I also worked on defining a visual and usage guideline for callouts (snackbar, toasts, tooltips, and alerts) on Android.   

I’m thankful for having worked at a place during hypergrowth, designed for emotional content, and partnered with some of the brightest in the biz.

I’ve also acquired some of my best lifelong friendships at Spotify.  