Outside of work, I’m a seeker of adventure, maker of pottery, taker of photographs, and a cracker of jokes. I proudly work to live—not the other way around.

At work, collaborative and cross-functional teamwork that solve real user problems are my jam. I really value building personal connections at work, empathizing with users, and validating our often biased assumptions.

I’m half Swedish, half Costa Rican, have lived in various countries, and travel whenever I can. I love cultural differences. Diversity, empathy, and inclusion are issues close to my heart.


Dropbox 2015-2016 & 2019-present
Bontouch 2018
Spotify* 2017
Flipboard* 2017 
Better* 2017
Schibsted 2014-2015
Spotify 2012-2014



Chalmers University of Technology
Master of Science, Information Technology & Interaction Design and Technologies


See some of my film faves on VSCO.


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